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1. Intellectual Property

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2. Commercial Signals

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3. Web pages of Third Parts

In order to it facilitates your access in her web pages, the Kotsokalis.com

it can include connections with web pages of Internet,

that constitute property third person or which manage third person.

4. Your own Elements

With the submission of our material in server, you agree that the material does not contain elements not true,

illegally or kac any way inadequately for publication.

Your personal elements after the transaction of your demand are erased finally and are not granted with any no way in.

5. Modification of terms of present

The Kotsokalis.com it maintains the right to modify or to renew the terms

and the conditions of transactions and it undertakes the obligation

to inform the present text on any change or addition in the terms.

6. Being in effect Right

All the transactions that you realise via his Kotsokalis.com are conditioned by the International and European right

that regulates subjects with regard to the electronic trade as well as from

the Law perj' protection of consumers  that regulates subjects with regard to the sales from distance.