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Privacy Policy

Visiting As you can browse freely online store Jewelry, without giving any personal information.

If you would like to register as a member in our shop and proceed to create an account to automatically activate the corresponding member services site (commercial transactions, order tracking, contests, newsletters, etc.), we will ask the name and email address (e-mail address), and a user name (username) with password (password), you will use each time you connect to your account.

Additional personal data will be asked if you wish to place an order or simply to learn about new products and services to facilitate communication with your company.

A prerequisite to making a purchase from your Jewelry, is disclosure on your part, some information / personal data on the e-conciliation.

Most of these items will be requested only on your first purchase, in which he probably register as a member of Jewelry. At the next shop you will be asked simply to confirm some of the above information concerning the procedure for delivery of your products.

When you place an order and this order be executed and delivered to you successfully, we will ask you your full name, home address and your address to send the products you want (if different from first), the number of fixed phone (or any other phone number, which will be used to better serve you), your email address (e-mail address), etc.

If you choose to pay by credit card you must fill out the details of the corresponding fields, and when an invoice will be prompted for your company's name, Social Security number and address of its headquarters.

In addition there may ask you to activate the cookies.

We ask only so much information as we need to enjoy consistent delivery of products ordered, secure payment of your order and personalized service based on your needs and preferences.

Preservation and processing of personal data 

The Jewelry collects and processes the information for themselves and strictly following the principles of data protection provided by laws and international conventions will not take any illegal without the prior written approval from you these for advertising or other purposes.

The Jewelry explicitly states that in any way disclose, publish, sell, exchange part or all of their personal data and information entrusted to us .

The Jewelry bound by law and is obliged to maintain security and to ensure the privacy of each customer and a registered member to use the company's online store. In no case will not be used, or edit your personal information by third natural or legal, for unwanted communication or to send you promotional material that you have requested. Also, under no circumstance will your personal information to provide to other companies without your permission. Even to share some information with a third can be of great benefit your purchases will be made only after your approval.

All information of each order and personal details of each member of Jewelry. are confidential and coded so they can not be used by anyone else, apart from Jewelry.