Our History from 1987 until today

Dare to be different & Choose the best handmade

Starting our involvement in 1987 in the manufacture of jewelry in small workshops

that collaborated with the then branded stores of that time in Greece

helped us in the long run to develop a new way of thinking in creating the original designs and models of jewelry we made.

From 1990 to 2002 we were designers in the best jewelry companies in Greece

We have made over 1,500 original jewelry models for various workshops

and for individuals at home or abroad, and thousands of other production plans.

In 1994 we built our first store in collaboration in Athens and in 2002 exclusively our own store in Argyroupoli.

Since 2004 we have created our e-shop which is one of the first in Greece on this type due to our experience in  science  computers!

Arriving in 2020 and with the Pandemic that followed and the changes that occurred

we decided to close our physical store for security reasons and proceed to the exclusive creation

and distribution of our constructions only online (read more below) for the next two years (2021-2022).

We hope to return in 2023 with our new physical store in the same area we were in the past.

1987-2002: Designer-Modelist Company GR Jewelry ** 2002-2020: Store Kotsokalis GR-Designer- ** 2021 -....: Estore Kotsokalis LLC -ABROAD

Operation of our online store

Having more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry and 20 years in creating applications for our online store, 

we hope that we will be able to serve you in whatever is requested from you ...

1. You have the ability through the flexible forms that we will create for our products to make what you want ....

2. It is possible in addition to email and through the mobile phone to easily communicate through these applications (Viber ,WhatsApp, social)

and for this and the reason is the removal of the landline (210-99 ----- 3) on the site so to make our communication easier.

3.Send a design in any format you want.

4. Easy to shipping the product and a photo of the jewelry we made before sending it to you!

* Watch videos about the products and services we offer on *YouTube* in the near future.

(updated) 30 MAY 2022