Ring Meandros with symbol or letter 12mm

A unique piece of jewelry designed and inspired exclusively

from us in various variants ( with Delphic commands,with meander, etc.),

in order to highlight the beauty of the ancient Greek culture in the shaping of the ideas of humanity.


Delphic Epsilon is an ancient Greek symbol (key) associated with the initiation of man into the light. For this reason it was located in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, where the worship of the Sun was performed (Apollo was the god of the Sun).

Specifically, it was placed three times (wood, copper, gold) at the top of the pediment of the central east gate of the church, together with "ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ" in the lower left corner and "ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ" in the lower right of the same pediment. The origin of the symbol and the phrases was attributed to the seven wise men.

In Ancient Greece it symbolized:

As a shape: union and trinity (three parallel lines joined).

As a number: the 5 cosmogenic elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether (quintessence).

The only information about Delphic Epsilon comes from Plutarch, who was a lifelong priest of Apollo. In "On Ei in Delphi", Plutarch gives various explanations in the dialogues, with the best being given by Ammonius (his teacher), as an address of surprise and respect to God, that is, Ei (sai), which translates as only you exist , the only sure thing that exists eternally, in contrast to the "self-knowledge" which is a reminder to the mortal being, with its changeable nature, which is subject to birth and decay.

The "Delphic commands " are a collection of sayings that were engraved on the front wall of the pronaos, on the pillars of the gate of the main temple, on the lintel of the temple and on the columns around the oracle of Delphi. It was the mortgages handed down by the Priests and the Seven Wise Men to the coming generations, benefits people living.

These orders were simple quotes of 2 to 5 words but full of wisdom, and most belonged to the 7 sages of antiquity (Thales the Milesian Pittakos the Mytilenean, Vias the Prieneus, Solos the Athenian, Cleobulus the Rhodian, Periandros the Corinthian Corinth ) and were engraved on the front wall of the Pronaos or on the pillars of the gate of the great temple or on the lintel or on the many columns, which were placed on the sides of the temple around the perimeter.

Hademade & Designing! First they are designed to the size you want and after send e-mai) to you, we proceed to their construction.
Silver 925"
Polish Fine
Kotsokalis Jewelry 1 year
Approximately 8.5-12gr
Dimensions product (LxWxH) 12mmx1,3mm
Kotsokalis Art Jewelry
Hademade(Designing) 2017-2018
Unisex 1

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Starting our first steps in 1987 in the manufacture of jewelery and models in branded shops at that time in Greece helped us go our work to high levels of construction.



The demands of foreign customers on different jewels than our usual ones have enabled us to develop our creativity at other levels.



Through the experience of so many years we have the ability that our customers are asked to manufacturer with absolute precision of the project that has been given to us and the satisfaction of our customer for what he acquired !!!

Ring Meandros with symbol or letter 12mm

The Product is Handmade

Its construction takes place from 3 to 7 working days ... !!!

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Thank you very much personally Mr.Kotsokalis for gorgeous cufflinks, designed and built for my wedding !!! A true ornament !!
- Lefteris G.
Dear Konstantinos!!! It's just a bracelet Wooow !!! The best I've seen of all men's bracelets. Exelent work!!! This stylish, gallant and brave bracelet. Super!!! Thank you for your work!
- Ekaterina B.