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Coming Soon Bracelet Rubber Silver with your name

 The jewelry  are crafted by us, handmade and tailored to our customers' requirements and are unique.

Your orders need 3 to 10 days depending on the object to be designed and constructed  in order that delivered  to you.

The cost is formed with the time of creation and construction of the object.

To design a handmade jewelry it takes 1-3 hours to make the design you want exactly

and manufacture the other 4-20 hours in metal depending on the object.

The difference with a production jewelry (copy) is the time of manufacture

that is 20 'minutes to the very 1 hour,

and that's why the cost of these jewels is low compared

with our own handmade jewels that the cost start from 75 € for silver handcrafted jewelry

and over 200 € for gold handmade jewelry

 depending on the stones that are on the object.

A store which responds the requirements and for the most discerning customers

and always having in mind the creation of separate jewelry.

Create and buy your own jewelry !!!


Kotsokalis Jewelry 1 years

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Starting our first steps in 1987 in the manufacture of jewelery and models in branded shops at that time in Greece helped us go our work to high levels of construction.



The demands of foreign customers on different jewels than our usual ones have enabled us to develop our creativity at other levels.



Through the experience of so many years we have the ability that our customers are asked to manufacturer with absolute precision of the project that has been given to us and the satisfaction of our customer for what he acquired !!!

Bracelet Rubber Silver with your name

  • 110.00€
  • Ex Tax: 88.71€

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Upon order in the dimensions you want...!!!!

Thank you very much personally Mr.Kotsokalis for gorgeous cufflinks, designed and built for my wedding !!! A true ornament !!
- Lefteris G.
Dear Konstantinos!!! It's just a bracelet Wooow !!! The best I've seen of all men's bracelets. Exelent work!!! This stylish, gallant and brave bracelet. Super!!! Thank you for your work!
- Ekaterina B.